My Story

Christian Lamar is a Faith Believer. He is technically, politically and legally influenced with a passion for God and the Constitution of the United States! Christian has appeared on many major national media outlets such as CSPAN, Larry Elder, Laura Ingraham, Trump Advisor Pastor Darrell Scott and local 12 News NBC Phoenix.

Christian currently works in the IT private sector, and has worked in Information Technology for 23 years. He is a certified VMware & Microsoft Expert with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interactive Media Design at the Art Institute of Phoenix.

Christian was born in Detroit, MI raised by his father and mother. He is one of 3 children, with 2 older sisters. Christian moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2002 and when he arrived the first district he lived in was LD2. Christian currently lives in Legislative District 2, and has been for the past 8 years.

Before Christian became a precinct/state committeeman, he attended the statutory AZGOP county and state meetings at the Church for the Nations for 2 years. Christian worked on on-year and off-year elections in 2018 and 2019 for Republican campaigns. While having the honor of writing an op-editorial at the request of President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign; Christian also worked on the Trump Victory Team, knocking 400 doors for President Donald J Trump & Republican candidates.

In 2022, Christian ran for AZ State Representative in Legislative District 2 and won a contested primary election. For the 2022 general election, the votes of the people were suppressed in LD2 Maricopa County. Due to the maladministration & unconstitutional actions by Maricopa County against the votes of LD2, Christian has not conceded his 2022 general election.

On January 28th 2023, Christian was newly elected to the AZGOP Executive Committee (RPAZ) as a Member-At-Large (CD8).

On March 25th 2024, Christian was elected as an AZGOP Convention State Delegate and Christian endorses President Trump’s 2024 Republican nomination for POTUS as he has signed up 240 new Trump Precinct Committeemen in all 20 Republican Committees across Maricopa County GOP.