Examples of AZ State legislature invoking ARS 42-5029 to block money or distribute money.

2016 AZ State Senate Video: AZ State Senate President Andy Biggs & others.
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All occurred after prop 105 (1998-2000). Education money was not impacted.
AZ Legislative General Counsel confirmed on February 10, 2023, that the AZ State legislature has the State/US Constitutional authority to set Maricopa County’s budget to zero at any time.

§ 42-5033 in 2010 – Special Census; “ B. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of section 42-5029, any municipality which is initially incorporated subsequent to the decennial census or July 1 of the fifth year thereafter and which has caused a special census of the population within the municipal limits to be taken by the United States census bureau may cause the result of such special census to be certified to the director. Commencing on July 1 following the completion of such special census, it shall be used as the basis of apportionment of the taxes collected under this article in determining the amount payable to such municipality until the next federal decennial census or special census as provided under section 28-6532. “

§ 35-145 in 2014 – Control of taxes receivable from counties; statements from county treasurer; violation; penalty “ B. Any county which fails or refuses to comply with the provisions of this section, or refuses to pay any obligations due the state from the county, shall be notified in writing by the state treasurer. Any county which persists in such failure or refusal for a period of thirty days after mailing the notice is disqualified from receiving any portion of the excise tax monies under section 42-5029 until the county complies with the provisions of this section and pays the state its obligations. “

§ 41-194.01 in 2016 – Violations of state law by counties, cities and towns; attorney general investigation; report; withholding of state shared revenues; notice of violation; “ the state treasurer who shall withhold and redistribute state shared monies from the county, city or town as provided by section 42-5029 “

§ 42-5032 in 2022 – Distribution of bridge construction and highway improvement revenues to county; “ pursuant to section 42-5029, subsection D, paragraph 4, one-twelfth of the amount determined under this subsection to a county that issues bonds pursuant to title 28, chapter 21, article 4 or enters into an intergovernmental agreement pursuant to section 28-401, subsection D. The amount to be paid under this subsection is the amount of state transaction privilege tax revenues received each calendar year, up to four hundred sixteen thousand six hundred sixty-seven dollars, from taxpayers described in subsection C of this section.“