To Arizona: I am leading Censures by Precinct Committeemen against the 2 highest Republicans in AZ state legislature: Warren Petersen/Ben Toma who allowed 2020/2022 stolen elections!

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Arizona Daily Independent writes our
7th article on our Censures against Republican AZ state legislature. AZGOP LD chairs block Censures to protect RINOs. With Censures blocked, not debated/voted on, establishment still writes article about Censures! Why?

2024, AZLeg, Christian Lamar, Election Integrity, Trump

Why did Merissa Hamilton/Mark Beach Motion & Debate in Favor of kicking out a Trump Precinct Committeemen from AZ LD2 GOP meeting for making motions? Trump PC is from red precinct that voted strong for Trump in 2024. A PC can motion mtg anytime til it passes & can suspend bylaws!

2024, AZLeg, Christian Lamar, Election Integrity, Trump

Arizona’s Legislative District 3 Republican Precinct Committeemen Censures Republican AZ State Representative Justin Heap who is against appointing Trump 2024 electors, refuses to answer whether 2020 was stolen! Heap is on elections committee running for Maricopa county recorder!

2024, AZLeg, Christian Lamar, Election Integrity, Trump

Watch my interview with 2024 Trump Advisor @PastorDScott, host of Smackdown. Link below. I talk on the Power of Precinct Committeemen, Censures, appointing Arizona’s 11 electors to President Trump, Maricopa County, Republican AZ state legislature & RINOs.

2024, AZLeg, Christian Lamar, Election Integrity

Thank u 2024 Senior Trump Advisor @PastorDScott for allowing me on Saturday’s Smack Down show to talk Power of Precinct Committeemen & Censures. Trump voters need to sign up as new PCs to help Trump. GOP subtracted Trump & America 1st from response to Biden’s State of the Union

2024, AZLeg, Christian Lamar, Election Integrity, Trump

Thanks to Actor & Film Producer Isaiah Washington for hosting an (@IWashington) space on Power of Precinct Committeemen/Censures. GOP doesnt want new PCs because it increases voter turnout/education & new PCs will kick useless ineffective Nikki Haley Republicans out of office!

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President Trump wins 9-0 at US Supreme Court in a back handed slap down of Colorado Supreme Court’s ridiculous unconstitutional attempted ballot removal.

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Rasmussen latest Feb 2024 poll: 78% of Republicans, 54% of Independents say government officials have not done enough to prevent cheating in elections (State legislature is in charge of elections/electors). 74% of Rs, 50% of Inds say its likely 2024 will be affected by cheating.

2022 election, 2024, AZLeg